Where the C stands for

When it's time to thank the Executive Producers of the No Agenda show, host of the show Adam Curry thanks his co-host John C. Dvorak for his courage. In an old-school-radio-style he offers an explanation for what the C in John's name actually stands for.

For many episodes of the show it stood for CAPS-LOCK or Computer. Later on in the series Adam began to conjure up all kinds of different things the C could stand for.

On some occasions, however, the C stood for nothing. No explanation was offered. On others, a little pause was heard...

Until that defining moment in No Agenda history (ep. 808) where Adam drew a blank. John offered cash-cow as a possibility, but the moment had passed.

Help was needed.

Not knowing wether this would lead to anything, I registered the domain, threw something together and tweeted Adam and John about it.

Instant success! Adam loves it and now uses it at his discretion. And if anyone else ever needs an explanation for what the C stand for: it's here to stay.

This is where No Agenda and the way it's produced really shines. No help asked, just an observation, followed by an idea, a tweet and you're helping to produce the show! It truly is amazing.

At this moment there are 176 known "old c's" available with episode numbers, going all the way back to episode 700. And there are 369 new (or not yet identified as old) options available.

I've taken these c-words from regular dictonary word lists and some typical No Agenda memes.
I made sure to include many
chemistry- and
car-related entries.

And as you can see, the C fits John very, very well...

If you'd like to help grow the list of options, or if you have other suggestions,
you can always follow me on tweeter.   I'm @bartjeb

Also props to @isaacdagel for creating NoAgenda Player, making it super easy to find and list old

Thanks to John & Adam for making a great show.

Now go ahead and listen to
With John C Dvorak & Adam Curry